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Writing guides

Use the form below to request the writing guides I post here. The guides are short PDF articles, based on instructional material I’ve created for the writing classes I teach at at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Education.

Guides so far include:

A Better Approach to Outlining. If you’re frustrated with conventional modes of outlining articles prior to writing, the ideas in this guide will be like your first taste of hot peppers when you were young.

Using Road Maps. Are you a psychologist, lawyer, historian, or other academic or professional, eager to bring your message to a wider audience? This guide describes a key technique for successfully making the transition from peer-reviewed journals to writing articles and books for the general public.

To get either guide, 2 things are required: First, register with this blog, which is easy to do from the registration page. Next, send an e-mail using the form below to choose which guide you’re interested in. You’ll get an automated reply with a link to that guide as a downloadable PDF. Note that for the link to work properly, you need to be logged into the blog first.